2017 Power Rankings

September Edition

These will come out at the beginning of each month. April-July teams are ranked 14-1 in multiple semi-secret categories. August & September it’s just a combination of WAR + Standings. Hitting & Pitching rankings are current WAR.


14 – TENNESSEE (last month: 13th) – HITTING 11TH, PITCHING 11TH. Going “worst to first” is an accomplishment, as is going “first to worst” which is what TUX has a shot of pulling off in the Gaedel. Went 4-4 in one-run games in August which is normal; now 9-25 in that category which is not.

13 – MILWAUKEE (14th) – HITTING 14TH, PITCHING 10TH. The Landsharks edge out of the PR basement and look to avoid back-to-back 100-loss seasons. Two years ago they were a .500 team and indications are they could very well be returning to that neighborhood next season. Hope it has a corner bar.

12 – GALWAY (12th) – HITTING 13TH, PITCHING 12TH. 10-23 in one-run games shows this team could have been better. Could the Bays be ready for a turnaround? Yeah, 100+ losses are likely (again), but with four #1 picks and a solid young offensive core in place the future is way brighter than the present.


11 – HOLLYWOOD (8th) – HITTING 12TH, PITCHING 8TH. The bottom fell out in Tinseltown in August, a season-worst 10-20 despite beating Manhattan 4 of 6. A cut above the three teams behind them, and half a cut below the three teams ahead of them. Next year, better than all of them.

10 – ADDISON (11th) – HITTING 10TH, PITCHING 13TH. The River Dogs need a new plan, and that plan needs to begin with blowing up the roster. Two #1s are a good start, and turning McCutchen, Goldschmidt, and yes, maybe even Harper into multiple assets should be on the to-do list. Otherwise, the abyss.

9 – WESTMINSTER (10th) – HITTING 4TH, PITCHING 14TH. A lost season for the Hyacks, who seemed content to go through the motions, hover .500-adjacent, and passively wait for next year. But unless there’s an attitude adjustment, next year will look a lot like this year.

8 – BERGEN (9TH) – HITTING 9TH, PITCHING 7TH. The Bullies followed the WES script with identical results. The pitching staff after Kershaw is a tear-down. Unless they get aggressive, this team is headed in the wrong direction. Unless the goal is higher draft position.


7 – ORLEANS (7TH) – HITTING 8TH, PITCHING 6TH. The bad news is the Barons don’t have a bullpen. The good news is they now have Hollywood’s, a major league upgrade. They don’t have playoff experience (read, nada) and yes the bubble is big, but believe it or not these guys really have a chance.

6 – BEVERLY (6th) – HITTING 3rd, PITCHING 9TH. I really think the Bobcats are going to make the playoffs. Unless of course the potent offense hits a slump. Or the overachieving pitching staff comes back to Earth. If either one of those happens, then no.

5 – BAYOU CITY (5TH) – HITTING 7TH, PITCHING 5th. The Drillers are like a marathon runner who sprints off the starting line. Mile 1 they’re ahead of the field; Mile 26 they are sucking wind. They were the only team with a playoff shot to be under .500 in August. Will they stagger over the finish line or barf on themselves?


4 – LAKE COUNTY (4th) – HITTING 6TH, PITCHING 2nd. The Commuters are no GRC or JER or MAN. But they are the best of the rest, and thanks to the schedule gods they could very well have the BVL’s best record in September as they cruise into the post-season where they will host ORL or BEV or BCD.

3 – GRAND RAPIDS (2nd) – HITTING 2ND, PITCHING 3rd. The Calvinists dip below a red-hot Jersey team in the Power Rankings but remain one of only three teams with a real shot at The Leg. Their first Minoso championship is upon them, and with it the #2 seed.

2 – JERSEY (3rd) – HITTING 5TH, PITCHING 4th. The Jinx hit their stride in August, a league-best 23-7 as they went from 5 out to 3 up. Of course, it’s not always great to hit one’s stride in August since the season doesn’t end until September. Still, the Gaedel is theirs for the taking.

1 – MANHATTAN (1st) – HITTING 1st, PITCHING 1ST. Not optimal timing for the Maulers as they hit their worst month of the season (15-15) while Jersey hit their best. The standings show MAN as second-best in the Gaedel, but WAR says it was a blip and that this is still the league’s best team.



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